2014 Camp Melakwa Pictures

Group on hike to Little Belknap Crater

Summit of Little Belknap Crater

Ethan and the snow inside the crater



Council Bluff

View from Council Bluff

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Summer Camp

Next week, Troop 28 is going to Summer Camp at Melakwa (here is their Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/Melakwa & their website: http://www.campmelakwa.org/)!

In case you missed it, Storm reminded everyone to check out the Camp Melakwa Youth Guide.  In it you will find what to pack, what to expect and a schedule of activities offered.  It might be a good thing to print out to bring with you.

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Just a quick share of a PDF on rockhounding in the area around Prineville: http://visitprineville.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/SKMBT_C55214021214361.pdf

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Mineral Camp Video

This past weekend Troop 28 camped at Mineral Campground, near Cottage Grove, Oregon.  The boys had a great time playing in the snow up in the mountains, going for hikes and learning to use an axe among many other things.

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Shopping List

This isn’t a very interesting post, but it is one that I think will be useful moving forward.  After a brainstorming session around the campfire last weekend, we found that we needed better organization of the shopping list to help our Shoppers pick up food for camping expediently.  I created the PDF document below where we can make our shopping list broken down into areas of our local WinCo grocery store and have included the store map.

WinCo Shopping List & Map

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To Catch a Thief

Or a Camp Robber (Gray Jay)!

Some of the boys pose for a picture as they release the bird they caught during Snow Camp.

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Snow Camp Gear List

Here is a PDF version of the gear list, just in case you lost your hard copy!

Snow Camp Gear

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Tips For Cold Weather Camping

With our Snow Camp Camp coming up, here are 8 tips to keep warm from Scouting Magazine:


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Contraband Camp

This year’s Contraband Camp was held at a cabin near Mapleton, Oregon.  Late nights, electronics and junk food (and a warm fire)… who could ask for more?

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November Court of Honor

In our most recent Court of Honor, we happily accepted Alex into the ranks and awarded him the rank of Scout.  Additionally, the Viking troop earned the Second Class AND First Class ranks!  All of the boys who attended Camp Baldwin received the merit badges that were earned during Summer Camp.

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